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Hire our top .Net Developers with a money back guarantee for upto a period of 14 days.

  • Dedicated 160-man hours
  • Flexible office hours in accordance with time zones
  • Directly accessible resource
  • Reporting on daily/weekly/monthly basis

Custom PHP development

Our PHP development revolves around your requirements, available tools, and budget. Custom development means you have greater control over the code and sort of features you can introduce to a website

E-commerce development

Trust us with e-commerce development for feature-rich and high performance online storefronts. When it comes to marketplaces, you can expect fastest load times, smooth scrolling and better memory management.

PHP based CMS development

As an expert of PHP, writing code in this language for than 5 years now, you can expect us to develop a robust CMS solution using PHP in the shortest time. We love WordPress and would love to create a custom CMS for you.

PHP/MySQL development

MySQL and PHP go hand-in-hand. If you’re with an established PHP CMS, MySQL comes without saying. Even when you’re working on a customer CMS used in your enterprise, built on core PHP, integrating MySQL shouldn’t be a problem.

Custom PHP development for high-performance web applications

An open-source, platform independent programming language that embeds directly into HTML, integrates AJAX, Callback etc. and interfaces very easily with Apache/MySQL, PHP is one the most popular languages that powers the web.

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Why hire a PHP development company like STA?

However, no matter how good or bad a programming language is, the value the resulting application is going to deliver will depend upon the experience and expertise of team that developed it.

  1. Scalable

    Our PHP based websites can handle traffic from 50 per day to 50m per day

  2. Responsive

    We develop websites that look great on every browser, device, or resolution

  3. Rapid

    Everybody is in hurry these days. Thus, we insist on rapid PHP development

  4. Secure

    Security breaches are everyday phenomena. We follow the best security practices.

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