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Mobile Marketing(ASO)

Your App’s success depends on its visibility in App store and it can be increased by our ASO services!

App Store Optimization

Google PlayStore

It is widely used across the globe and provides an interface for the users to connect with their favorite brands and products. We ensure that our brands have attractive and meaningful icon, well placed application screenshots and understandable descriptions of their applications to get more downloads in short time.

iPhone App Store

Even though iOS Apps are built with different language background, they are very effective and used in many nations. We provide optimization for any iOS app with ASO strategy and ensure its organic visibility and increase in downloads.

Windows App Store

Windows phones do have the ability to spread in the market and you may have to optimize your brand’s app in Windows play store. We can provide you with Windows app optimization service to spread your market across the globe by publishing descriptions, screenshots and keywords for your brand.

Our ASO Services Strategy:

This is our roadmap towards your app optimization. Firstly, we begin with understanding your audience base and deriving KPI’s regarding your business. Then we leverage propriety tools and methodologies to improve your app’s organic visibility which in turns leads to business growth.

App Title Optimization

Once we understand the customer base and business, we derive suitable titles by understanding your app functionality and its features. This in turn helps in deriving the keywords which is the best way for getting your app discovered by millions of users.

Targeting right keywords for you app and optimization

Most important step in app optimization process is discovering the right keywords to help organic visibility of your app. Keywords have to be used in title and description in order to get attention from the customer base and improve efficiency of the app.

App ratings

It is very important for businesses to gain attention of users and get positive feedback from them.With good rating, more users are likely to download and use the app. We ensure to build an app that gets good rating and accelerate your business performance.

App Description Optimization

It is very important to optimize the description because this is what most of users look out for.Description needs to be summary of full app functionality it has to be concise so that it seeks attention of most of the users. We ensure that the description is unique and stand out among competitors.

Online Reviews

Positive online reviews can definitely help in building trust among your customer base and improve your business growth. We implement methodologies on your app to get good online reviews on Google plus, Yelp etc. and accelerate your business performance.

App Icon and Screenshots optimization

At STA, we work on factors and strategies to boost your app’s performance by having the right screenshots and icon which has the ability to attract potential users. This helps in increasing your brand’s visibility and accelerate the downloads of your app. Screenshots of unique features of the application needs to be placed.